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Healthy Food Marketing: An Unlikely Love Story, Millennial Parents and Club Stores

By now you know millennials are obsessed with locally sourced, hand crafted and artisanal brands. So it makes perfect sense that they love… Costco?! It’s surprising and true. Whether it’s Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s, the generation that’s redefining shopping and retail “are on the rise at clubs.”

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Pet Food Marketers: Simplify the Overwhelming Process of Choosing A Healthy Food Brand For Parents

Being conscious of what we feed our children doesn’t stop with our biological kids. Many pet parents struggle to choose the healthiest food for their new pets. Fear of choosing the wrong food is real, and unlike choosing for our kids, choosing for our pets isn’t as clear-cut. Pet parents look to recommendations from vets […]

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Healthy Food Marketing: Thanksgiving isn’t Just About the Food

A reminder for all of us marketers at the beginning of this time of gratitude.   This week I decided to look back and see if there were any blogs that I had written that spoke to this important time of year and I found that the very first one was the essence of why […]

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Are Casual Dining restaurants missing something when it comes to marketing to Health Conscious Millennials?

With today’s uber-focus on food transparency and higher quality ingredients, Millennials are gravitating toward unlikely destinations – Fast Food and Quick Service Restaurants like Chipotle and Baja Fresh.   One of the reasons may be simply seeing what they are getting with their own eyes. Having food prepared in front of them, where the fresh […]

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If you’re only marketing healthy food to adults… you’re doing it wrong!

Interesting news for healthy food marketers- children have more control over some household purchases than their parents do.   That could explain why the food industry spends about $1.8 billion a year to market products towards adolescents.   Until now, there has been a lot of negative press around this topic because marketers have been […]

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Healthy food marketing is all about the journey.

Healthy Food Marketing: Learning From the Food Documentaries Craze

The recent burst of popular food documentaries on Netflix alone says a lot about our love affair with food and healthy food marketing.   The profoundly positive reaction to Jiro Dreams of Sushi, ‘Cooked,’ two seasons of ‘Chef’s Table’ and more remind us that food and the experiences around it are expressions of passion, and […]

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The Pasta Dilemma: What Marketers Can Learn from the Newest Pasta Brands on the Shelf

Healthy Food Marketing: The Pasta Dilemma

One of America’s favorite dishes is evolving for the health-crazed world and healthy food marketing is overjoyed.   For a generation of millennial consumers interested in a healthy lifestyle, carbs and gluten have become the enemies.   While once completely irresistible, pasta dinners are now not typically considered healthy choices. But the idea of giving […]

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Marketing Healthy Food To The Male Shopper: More men are grocery shopping than ever before: so how can marketers reach these busy guys?

Marketing Healthy Food to the Male Shopper

It’s well known that healthy food marketers have traditionally targeted the female consumer. After all, throughout history, they have been the primary shopper, even for men’s items.   Now brands are bumping into an unfamiliar shopper in the aisles: men.   With single households on the rise, and the number of female spouses in the work […]

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Making healthy food accessible to everyone. The real win here goes way beyond profits. There is a HUGE opportunity for healthy food marketing to positively influence the overall health of the US population.

Healthy Food Marketing: Making Healthy Food Accessible To Americans, Regardless Of Their Income

When it comes to healthy food, we have been conditioned to associate high quality with high prices. Although I love stores like Whole Foods and Fresh Market there are so many Americans who can’t afford the high prices and therefore are deprived of fresh and healthy food. There’s a big and important opportunity for big […]

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