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Are Casual Dining restaurants missing something when it comes to marketing to Health Conscious Millennials?

With today’s uber-focus on food transparency and higher quality ingredients, Millennials are gravitating toward unlikely destinations – Fast Food and Quick Service Restaurants like Chipotle and Baja Fresh.   One of the reasons may be simply seeing what they are getting with their own eyes. Having food prepared in front of them, where the fresh […]

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Slow Food

Fast Food and Its Slow Effects: What Every Health Marketer Should Know

Before scientific evidence explicitly told us how bad fast food is for us, we relied on signs from our bodies (stomach aches, sluggishness, weight gain, etc.) to confirm what we already knew: this food isn’t healthy.   Italians, who have always eaten cleaner foods, already knew this and took action to keep fast food chains […]

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Healthy food marketing is all about the journey.

Healthy Food Marketing: Learning From the Food Documentaries Craze

The recent burst of popular food documentaries on Netflix alone says a lot about our love affair with food and healthy food marketing.   The profoundly positive reaction to Jiro Dreams of Sushi, ‘Cooked,’ two seasons of ‘Chef’s Table’ and more remind us that food and the experiences around it are expressions of passion, and […]

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The Pasta Dilemma: What Marketers Can Learn from the Newest Pasta Brands on the Shelf

Healthy Food Marketing: The Pasta Dilemma

One of America’s favorite dishes is evolving for the health-crazed world and healthy food marketing is overjoyed.   For a generation of millennial consumers interested in a healthy lifestyle, carbs and gluten have become the enemies.   While once completely irresistible, pasta dinners are now not typically considered healthy choices. But the idea of giving […]

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Marketing Pizza in Todays Health Food Market? How pizzerias can whip up some irresistible healthy food advertising

Marketing Pizza in Todays Health Food Market?

Pizza is one of those foods that is irresistible to just about everyone, even the most health-conscious Americans. So there’s a good chance that even as fast food chains continue to suffer, pizzerias will survive.   No matter what the statistics on diets, gym routine or healthy lifestyle are, each day, more than 40 million […]

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What US Marketers can learn from the brands Italy loves Some inherent qualities of Italian food, fresh ingredients, a commitment to quality and a dedication to their craft could help American brands grow.

What US Marketers can learn from the food brands Italy loves

In the boot-shaped country swaddled in the Mediterranean, Italy’s claim to fame- their incredible food – has always been ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to high quality ingredients (which is no surprise to healthy food marketers).   Italians spend more than double the percentage of their income on food as […]

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Artisanal Products are making their way to the masses. What does that mean for marketers?

Healthy Food Marketing: From Mass Production to Mass Artisanal

The definition of artisan reflects on a simpler time when craftsmanship mattered, and it’s starting to resonate with more and more consumers.   Can healthy food marketing keep up with the times? A “Mass Artisanal” trend appears to be upon us and it’s creating a real conundrum for brands. More and more Millennials are demanding products […]

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What health food marketers can do to attract the growing population of solo diners

Healthy Food Marketing: Why Solo Diners Are Changing The Game

Human existence hinges on companionship, which is why the latest trend in eating – dining alone – might come as a surprise.     Forty six percent of all eating occasions are now enjoyed solo. Part of the reason is that single households are on the rise and households with kids are on the decline. […]

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Healthy Food Marketing: Why Big Chains Could Benefit from Thinking Small

Healthy Food Marketing: Why Big Chains Could Benefit from Thinking Small

Farmer’s markets and local, smaller grocery stores are wildly popular with consumers, particularly the highly sought after Millennials. What can bigger stores implement in their healthy food marketing that their smaller counterparts do to attract this incredibly valuable consumer?     1) Speak their language Health-conscious consumers want to hear some very specific words- like […]

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