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Marketing and The Fresh Food Frenzy

You may have noticed something different about C-stores, gas station mini marts, and even the kiosks at airports and the train stations?   Apparently the fresh food movement has made its way into the most unlikely places.   Until recently there were two things you could count on when you arrived at a convenience store. They would be open when you needed them, and there would be no chance of getting anything healthy. A 32-ounce soda, a Slim Jim, a bag of chips? No problem. Fresh fruit or a truly healthy snack? Not a chance. But that is not...

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Sparkling Water Is Far From Fizzing Out

The health-crazed nation may be spending less money on soda nowadays, but its still craving fizzy drinks.   Cue soda’s bubbly, healthier, replacement: sparkling water.   Between 2009 and 2014, the volume of carbonated bottled water sold in the U.S. has increased by 56.4 percent.   For consumers who are all about natural, minimally processed products, sparkling water appears to be the billion-dollar answer to our decade-long addiction to sugary soda. Sparkling water sales have spiked in the past few years. Between 2009 and 2014, the volume of carbonated bottled water sold in the U.S. has increased by 56.4...

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Paleo for Pets? Can Pet Food get anymore human?

You don’t have to be an expert to see that marketing pet food and human food is becoming more and more similar.   The intense dietary demands that we are beginning to put on ourselves have started to bleed into the realm of our pets.   That means expectations of quality ingredients aren’t going away any time soon and that “wellness” is a concept for our pets too. Not really that surprising when you think about how much a part of our families pets have become.   Also not surprising when you realize that the same factors that are...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Learning From the Food Documentaries Craze

The recent burst of popular food documentaries on Netflix alone says a lot about our love affair with food and healthy food marketing.   The profoundly positive reaction to Jiro Dreams of Sushi, ‘Cooked,’ two seasons of ‘Chef’s Table’ and more remind us that food and the experiences around it are expressions of passion, and that passion is definitely contagious. Viewers fall in love with the sculpting of single piece of sushi as part of a story and experience in itself. If a chef can illuminate the irresistibility of melting butter as potential for something amazing to come, imagine...

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Healthy Food Marketing In The Frozen Aisle

The demand for simpler ingredients continues to gain momentum. And as more consumers search for what they perceive as fresher, more natural food, they do not often find themselves in the frozen food aisle.  A problem for some health food marketers. Partly because of its association with convenience, frozen foods do not get the health halo they often deserve. But there are a handful of smart brands out to change that. Lean Cuisine and Luvo seem to be in a race to connect with the valuable health-conscious consumer who still needs quick dinner solutions. Let’s start with the relative...

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Healthy Food Marketing Trend: Functional Snacking

While the growth rate of traditionally indulgent snacks is slowing down, sensibly indulgent products including those with perceived health benefits continue to rise. Just look at what’s available in the least healthy places you can imagine buying snacks, convenience stores and airports, and you’ll know what your consumers are looking for.  Healthy food marketing needs to pay attention.   Gone are the days when snacks only needed to be yummy and get you from one meal to the next. Today’s snackers are looking for treats with benefits (think functional beverages).   Will this help me sleep better? Will it be...

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Healthy Food Marketing Trends: There’s a more exciting way to find out what’s next

Marketers can spend a fortune on research when they are trying to uncover what health minded consumers will want next, or perhaps just take a quick trip to a city that’s always a few steps ahead.   For example: Portland, Oregon. Simply taking a walk in this trend zone might make research more robust and more exciting than merely looking at the latest statistics.  Healthy food marketing research just became more fun.   Coffee Portland takes their coffee really seriously (so not the place for those in a hurry!), and they know that high quality coffee is what consumers want....

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When it comes to marketing healthy foods, brands might want to take a look at Italy.

Our obsession with healthy, natural foods has consumers asking all the right questions. Where exactly does it come from? What exactly is in it? And for the right answers, food brands marketing healthy food need only to look to the country that’s mastered it. I just returned from a trip to Italy, three days of which were spent in Bologna, Italy’s self-proclaimed food mecca. One thing I can say with absolute certainty-The Italians really know how to get people excited about food. And they are not just selling taste. On my favorite day of the trip, I had the...

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Marketing Healthy Food: The fight against excess sugar

  Marketers could learn a lot from yogurt brands like Siggi’s and Blue Hill. Not just what they are saying, but what they are doing while marketing healthy food. It’s pretty radical. These two brands are just a couple of the brands on a mission to retrain American taste buds. They are helping people to realize that their bodies don’t need near the amount of sugar they’re eating now. Both brands have been successful by being clear about what they stand for. Siggi’s is already making a huge impact in the category. Their tagline is simple and direct and...

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Healthy Food Marketers Should Walk the Walk if They Talk the Talk

As more and more food brands become increasingly transparent about the sourcing and the nature of ingredients in their products, it becomes even more important that healthy food marketers take time to consider all of what they’re marketing if they wish to truly reach a wider—and more skeptical—audience than ever before. What does this mean for the healthy food brands out there? Don’t assume your consumer will trust you because you tell them you’re providing so called “healthier” options. It seems that every brand under the sun is clearing its name of things like unnatural ingredients, GMOs, gluten, etc....

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