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Healthy Food Marketing: Health-Concious Millennials Crave Community

Everyone in healthy food marketing knows that Millennials are health-obsessed and goal-oriented, and being part of a bigger fitness community keeps them inspired and on-track.   Every day it seems that there are more and more ways to do that. The days of secret dieting and personal fitness plans are becoming a thing of the past. The Whole 30 diet is just one of many examples when it comes to eating plans.   Despite all the super-tough restrictions that are part of this plan, it has an incredible Millennial following. More evidence that they are serious when it comes to...

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Healthy Food Marketing Trend: Functional Snacking

While the growth rate of traditionally indulgent snacks is slowing down, sensibly indulgent products including those with perceived health benefits continue to rise. Just look at what’s available in the least healthy places you can imagine buying snacks, convenience stores and airports, and you’ll know what your consumers are looking for.  Healthy food marketing needs to pay attention.   Gone are the days when snacks only needed to be yummy and get you from one meal to the next. Today’s snackers are looking for treats with benefits (think functional beverages).   Will this help me sleep better? Will it be...

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Marketing healthy foods in today’s fragmented world

If you are a marketer, you know the days of messaging to a homogeneous target and broad/umbrella are gone. In order to break through and make a real connection today, all brands must understand this super-fragmented communication landscape. They need to leverage their available platforms to meet consumers right where they are and pinpoint the right message for that particular medium. That is no easy task, even when marketing healthy food.   We now live in a world where consumers are becoming increasingly complex; gender lines are blurred, stereotypical roles have been turned on their heads…and yet the expectation...

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Marketing Healthy Food: The fight against excess sugar

  Marketers could learn a lot from yogurt brands like Siggi’s and Blue Hill. Not just what they are saying, but what they are doing while marketing healthy food. It’s pretty radical. These two brands are just a couple of the brands on a mission to retrain American taste buds. They are helping people to realize that their bodies don’t need near the amount of sugar they’re eating now. Both brands have been successful by being clear about what they stand for. Siggi’s is already making a huge impact in the category. Their tagline is simple and direct and...

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Marketing Healthy Quick Serve Food

No one can deny the power of Chipotle. They have taken the country by storm, making Mexican food surprisingly sleek, approachable, and healthy. They’re doing a lot right. So what can your brand and health food marketers learn from Chipotle? 1. Looks Matter Chipotle’s sleek look came from the brand’s interesting roots. Steve Ells, the founder and CEO of Chipotle desired to create an upscale restaurant and thought of Chipotle as his means of making quick money to fund his dream. Steve Ells said, “I deliberately made it simple to operate, because I didn’t want to spend much time...

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How Healthy Food Marketing Can Actually Help Us Be Healthy

If you’re a health food brand seeking success in the market place today, you absolutely must use health food marketing as a means of helping American consumers become healthy in straightforward ways that they can both understand and trust. While tons of scientific research has helped scientists uncover why our nation’s health is declining, there is one reason above all that can be blamed for our country’s growing sickness; our confusion about nutrition, emanating particularly from the way in which nutrition is talked about in the United States. Instead of talking about food in simple terms that relate to...

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Marketing Healthy Snack Foods

According to Nielson data, “Out of the 2,000 products in the nutritional bar category, six of the top 10 fastest-selling products are KIND bars.” KIND has hit the nail on the head in marketing to Millennials, who have made snacking a part of their life. How have their health food marketers done it? Image Source: http://www.millennialmarketing.com/2012/05/snack-on-on-the-go-millennials-are-frequent-snackers/   1. Make eating on the go healthy and delicious Millennials have a strong desire, greater than any previous generation, to be healthy. They also don’t like to compromise. They want to have their busy lifestyle but still have the ability to eat...

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Marketing Healthy Food; a Response to Health Food Elitism

The elitism surrounding the health food movement is a barrier to health food marketers and will be until it becomes reasonable for a busy family to be able to afford—and choose to pay for—higher quality food. The food writer Michael Pollan’s response to the question of health food elitism is a must-read. In it, he dissects a 2004 article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in which the difference in quality of calories your money can buy is incredibly vast. Take for instance the fact that “one dollar spent in the processed food section of the supermarket —...

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