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Healthy Food Marketing: Health-Concious Millennials Crave Community

Everyone in healthy food marketing knows that Millennials are health-obsessed and goal-oriented, and being part of a bigger fitness community keeps them inspired and on-track.   Every day it seems that there are more and more ways to do that. The days of secret dieting and personal fitness plans are becoming a thing of the past. The Whole 30 diet is just one of many examples when it comes to eating plans.   Despite all the super-tough restrictions that are part of this plan, it has an incredible Millennial following. More evidence that they are serious when it comes to...

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Healthy Food Marketing Trend: Functional Snacking

While the growth rate of traditionally indulgent snacks is slowing down, sensibly indulgent products including those with perceived health benefits continue to rise. Just look at what’s available in the least healthy places you can imagine buying snacks, convenience stores and airports, and you’ll know what your consumers are looking for.  Healthy food marketing needs to pay attention.   Gone are the days when snacks only needed to be yummy and get you from one meal to the next. Today’s snackers are looking for treats with benefits (think functional beverages).   Will this help me sleep better? Will it be...

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Marketing healthy foods in today’s fragmented world

If you are a marketer, you know the days of messaging to a homogeneous target and broad/umbrella are gone. In order to break through and make a real connection today, all brands must understand this super-fragmented communication landscape. They need to leverage their available platforms to meet consumers right where they are and pinpoint the right message for that particular medium. That is no easy task, even when marketing healthy food.   We now live in a world where consumers are becoming increasingly complex; gender lines are blurred, stereotypical roles have been turned on their heads…and yet the expectation...

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Healthy Food Marketing Trends: There’s a more exciting way to find out what’s next

Marketers can spend a fortune on research when they are trying to uncover what health minded consumers will want next, or perhaps just take a quick trip to a city that’s always a few steps ahead.   For example: Portland, Oregon. Simply taking a walk in this trend zone might make research more robust and more exciting than merely looking at the latest statistics.  Healthy food marketing research just became more fun.   Coffee Portland takes their coffee really seriously (so not the place for those in a hurry!), and they know that high quality coffee is what consumers want....

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Marketing Healthy Food: Don’t Forget Boomers

As millennials grow into their spending prime, health food marketers have targeted this generation with laser-like tunnel vision, largely ignoring their parents and grandparents: the Baby Boomers. According to a Fona International report, Boomers currently outspend other generations by $400 billion per year on consumer goods and services. Healthy food brands can take advantage of this untapped revenue by tuning in and targeting Boomers. Boomers don’t want big-button cell phones or LifeAlert—they want new methods of self-care to preserve health, vitality, and dignity. They see this time as the beginning of a new chapter, seeking purpose and meaning in...

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Marketing Healthy Snack Foods

According to Nielson data, “Out of the 2,000 products in the nutritional bar category, six of the top 10 fastest-selling products are KIND bars.” KIND has hit the nail on the head in marketing to Millennials, who have made snacking a part of their life. How have their health food marketers done it? Image Source:   1. Make eating on the go healthy and delicious Millennials have a strong desire, greater than any previous generation, to be healthy. They also don’t like to compromise. They want to have their busy lifestyle but still have the ability to eat...

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Bloggers’ Growing Voice in the World of Healthy Food Marketing

According to a study commissioned by Australian health insurance firm Medibank, about a third of people are confused when it comes to nutritional advice. In their search for dietary guidance, it seems people are turning more and more to bloggers for clarification.  This is something healthy food marketing needs to pay attention to. Browse the Internet for more healthy diet information, and you’ll be confused too. You’ll find pages on pages of medical journal entries, diet programs, health food blogs, and brand marketing communications. Amidst the roar of voices weighing in on the subject, it’s hard to break through...

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Strategic Consumer Segmenting in Healthy Food Marketing

As marketers, in the most basic sense of the term, we’re tasked with meeting consumer demand with the supply of a particular product or service. But we know our roles are so much more than that. With the influx of digital technologies that give us the capability to capture more and more data than we ever could have imagined, it seems that our jobs in healthy food marketing are becoming more and more difficult. This feels especially true when segmenting consumers into strategic targets. While digital media has afforded us the capability to target consumers 1 on 1, we...

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