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Healthy Food Marketing – Its not just for Millennials

The shifts in consumer purchasing patterns in the food and beverage industry are more widespread than anyone thought, so no matter what food you are marketing these trends are virtually impossible to ignore. They are consistent across age ranges, regions of the country, and income levels. Its not just millennials that are demanding transparency and healthier food, its just about everyone. That’s something for healthy food marketing to keep in mind. A new study by Deloitte Consulting for the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association compared preferences for buying certain food products. They talked with consumers after the...

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Marketing Healthy Quick Serve Food

No one can deny the power of Chipotle. They have taken the country by storm, making Mexican food surprisingly sleek, approachable, and healthy. They’re doing a lot right. So what can your brand and health food marketers learn from Chipotle? 1. Looks Matter Chipotle’s sleek look came from the brand’s interesting roots. Steve Ells, the founder and CEO of Chipotle desired to create an upscale restaurant and thought of Chipotle as his means of making quick money to fund his dream. Steve Ells said, “I deliberately made it simple to operate, because I didn’t want to spend much time...

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Marketing Healthy Food To Millennial Parents

Those marketing healthy food should know that not all Millennials are created equal. The upper range of Millennials (25-34) are now becoming parents. In fact, nearly 11 million Millennials have already mastered the art of changing diapers. The parents of this generation are unlike any other, and food brands must adapt to reach them. Here are 4 things food brands should keep in mind when speaking to Millennial parents 1. Speak The Truth Make sure your product delivers what it claims. If you say you’re 100% organic, you must be able to back it up. With a wealth of...

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Festivals, Millennials and Healthy Food Marketing

From Coachella to the Warped Tour, the millennial generation is crazy for festivals. In fact, a recent study by Eventbrite, a global marketplace for live experiences, found that 1 in 5 American millennials attended a music festival in the past twelve months. Thanks to strong attendance numbers and the wide range of demographics represented, brands and healthy food marketing are looking to find their place in the latest events to draw in this increasingly influential generation. Here are just a few ways to succeed when involving your brand at a festival: 1. Show an unexpected side of the brand...

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Marketing Healthy Food To Millennials

If you think kale is everywhere these days, you’re right. It’s on 400 percent more restaurant menus than it was just four years ago. Millennial kale aficionados have even been known to wear kale T-shirts and sport kale stickers. Brands and those marketing healthy food have to wonder. Is this simply a passing fad, or is kale here to stay? I believe it’s the latter. The popularity of kale will continue to grow because it has huge awareness with Millennials, and has firmly planted itself into the digital conversation. It’s the hero Millennials need, and deserve. And there’s a good...

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Marketing Healthy Food: Millennials Will Put Money Where their Mouth is

29% of Millenials say they are “very willing” to pay a premium price for foods they consider healthier, and their trends in spending support this figure. That percentage is higher than any other generation and something that brands should pay attention to when marketing healthy food. So, marketers in the food and beverage industry have an interesting opportunity to provide healthier options at a higher price and gain Millennial support. Besides being important in sheer numbers, Millennials tend to take action. Which is why they have become the focus of countless marketing campaigns. They’re a generation of “do-ers” –...

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Brands Taking Sides on GMO Issue in Marketing Healthy Food

The market for non-GMO foods is growing fast, as evidenced by sales of $1 billion in 2011, and brands are taking notice of the rising demand. As the debate intensifies and the anti-GMO movement gains traction, brands may be forced to take a stand on GMOs or risk falling behind.  And that has those marketing healthy food scrambling to pick sides.  Regardless of what science says, the consumer’s perception is the brand’s reality. Scientists may sign off on GMOs, but the mess of fear and uncertainty surrounding these ingredients in the minds of consumers demands attention from brands. According...

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Strategic Consumer Segmenting in Healthy Food Marketing

As marketers, in the most basic sense of the term, we’re tasked with meeting consumer demand with the supply of a particular product or service. But we know our roles are so much more than that. With the influx of digital technologies that give us the capability to capture more and more data than we ever could have imagined, it seems that our jobs in healthy food marketing are becoming more and more difficult. This feels especially true when segmenting consumers into strategic targets. While digital media has afforded us the capability to target consumers 1 on 1, we...

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Marketing Healthy Food to the Millennial Moms

Millennials… just when we think we have them figured out, we discover that they still preserve some traits from previous generations. Turns out that despite all the self-obsessed, me-generation stereotypes, “parenthood is an important, if not the most important, aspiration for the majority of them.”   And because of this, there is an ever-emerging segment among the Gen Y target audience, which have been coined the Millennial Moms –representing 46% of total women in their age group. And while there are many attributes that make the millennial mom unique from a Gen X mom what we found most interesting is...

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A New Frontier – Healthy Food Marketing for Vending Machines

It’s a familiar scene. Late for her next meeting after skipping lunch, a working mom finds herself staring at the vending machine. Candy, chips and trail mixes with enough sugar to put her into a coma. Are these really the best choices? The answer is often yes, but it doesn’t have to be. According to a survey on snacking by the consumer-centric research experts at the Hartman Group, more than half of respondents stated healthy snack food and beverage options are important to them. And now, there are some new trends and players in the vending machine market who...

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