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Do You Know Just How Much Facebook Actually Knows About You? Millenials and Gen Z Do!

Last week, Facebook—and their ads—were in the news nonstop. In a Congressional hearing, Senator Hatch of Utah asked Mark Zuckerberg, “How do you sustain a business model in which users do not pay for your service?” He simply replied, “Senator, we run ads.” As marketers, we may think we know what this means, but do we really know? Marketers, like you and me, know that Facebook’s massive data breach is going to affect marketing because we’ve been benefitting from the data Facebook collects about the public for longer than the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But do we, as marketers, truly...

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There Might be an Easier Way to Connect With Millennials

In an age where smaller brands are gaining traction at lightning speed and consumers are being courted at every turn, brands will try anything to get—and more importantly—keep consumers. They’re literally throwing millions of dollars at innovation, sponsorships, social media, and just about any other tactic you can think of. But they may be missing the one thing that’s been sitting right in front of them. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn’t a new idea, but it’s a very relevant one, especially with younger generations. With the rapid increase in new brands and overwhelming access to information, it’s our job...

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It’s 6am: Do You Know What Millennials Are Feeding Their Babies?

For the last 15 years, millennials have made quite an impact on the food and beverage industry.  They demand food that tastes good, is good for them, and is also good for the environment. And now that they’re entering the parenting years, their preferences are influencing a whole new category: baby food. 40% of millennials—that’s 32 million people—are parents who are paying close attention to the food they serve their kids. A new study by the Culinary Visions Panel’s Mindful Dining Initiative Project asked 1500 American consumers their feelings on ethically sourced foods. While 50% of general consumers say...

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Do You Have to be Extreme to Reach Millennials?

A Mean Green Machine one day and a Franken Cream the next. Millennials post both their indulgences and their healthy eating on their Instagram. But is that what they are really eating? According to a study done by Ypulse, 63% of young people ages 13 to 32 said that they post food pictures on social media. They post everything from avocado toast, to indulgences, like Unicorn Frappuccinos and Coney Waffle, but not much in between. Whether it is healthy or gluttonous, the Instagramming of extreme food is changing the way we eat. There is lots of food being specifically...

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The New Normal: Little Brands are beating Mass Brands

There is something happening in CPG as mass brands realize that the success of small brands is the new normal. It has become obvious that many of these little guys who seemed like a passing fad, are here to stay. And if they’re not, there are 10 more brands waiting to take their place. In the condiments, dressings and marinades category alone there are literally thousands of unique brands all fighting for the attention of their consumers. Smaller brands are now real forces that need to be acknowledged, dealt with, and maybe even imitated. These little guys are leading...

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Influencer Marketing. What’s it really all about?

Influencer Marketing continues to grow and become a critical part of any marketing program. Especially for brands marketing to the health conscious! So, I thought it would be interesting to share an interview we had with an inspiring Influencer. It may give you a peek into how Influencers get started and how they interact with brands today. After reading about Sarah Billstein of Rosé Season, it may even make you want to become one! Sarah’s story is part luck, part timing and part hustle. She started the summer of the famous Pink Wine Panic of 2014. And in just...

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Healthy Food Marketing: What do the Price Cuts Mean for Whole Foods Market?

Amazon and Whole Foods Market aren’t wasting any time. It’s been awhile since the e-commerce giant purchased the grocery chain for $13.7 billion, and no time has been wasted in this merger. Let’s review all the changes that are occurring and what this price war means for competitors. Can we say goodbye to ‘whole paycheck’? We’ll see. The day the deal closed on the Amazon-Whole Foods merger, headlines reported that prices at Whole Foods were slashed by 43%. While that sounds impressive, the reduction was only on a few things like avocados, bananas and some other select products. The...

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What can Healthy Food Marketers Learn from these Millennial-loving Legacy Brands

Legacy Brands, it’s no secret you’re running to catch up with the newer, sexier brands. I’ve been discussing your hip and beautifully packaged competitors’ brands for a while. But the good news is, not all Legacy Brands are losing the battle to the new guys. There’s a lot to learn from Brands that are succeeding. As a more experienced brand, you have inherent strengths you can use to win over today’s consumers. See how these three powerful brands are beating the odds and opening themselves up to Millennials. Haagen-Dazs is Getting a Makeover Haagen-Dazs is over 50 years old....

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4 Things About Millennial Marketing Your Brand Can’t Live Without

Millennials. They’re on my mind, your mind, on every single marketer’s mind. And they should be. After all Millennials are spending $600 Billion dollars a year. So if you haven’t registered for our webinar next week, now’s your chance. You’ll find out what really matters to Millennials and what they need most from you. We’ll also tell you exactly how to connect with Millennials and stay connected for the long haul. Until then, here is some of my favorite, must-have Millennial info to whet your appetite. I pulled highlights of my most popular posts on marketing to Millennials into...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Food on the Millennial Mind

Marketers are constantly talking about millennials; we are obsessed with what they love, consumed by what they’re eating, drinking and thinking. This summer I have some awesome interns who just happen to be Millennials, and it occurred to me that maybe some of you would like to hear directly from this coveted demographic. So this week, Health-Craze was written by my first-ever guest blogger and fabulous Millennial, Eli Rallo. Read on for HER perspective on healthy food marketing, and what it’s like to be a Millennial Consumer and Foodie. Marketing Millennial Minds It’s not difficult to crack the code...

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