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The Migration of Nutrition Facts in Healthy Food Marketing

With the current healthy-eating mindsets that more and more consumers have adopted the nutrition facts will become more important in marketing products. While brand loyalty, intriguing designs, and famous names may still dictate the power-players in the food industry, nutrition is becoming more prevalent in a consumers’ purchase decision. If a product doesn’t fulfill the healthy expectations of today’s consumers, that brand risks rejection in favor of smaller, clearly healthier brands.  Health food marketing is changing. How did we get here? The year is 1990 and The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act is put into effect, giving the FDA...

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Healthy Food Marketing To Children

As healthy adult food brands rise in popularity, their next target will surely be children. Which begs the question, how do brands market healthy foods to children?  Healthy food marketing answers the call. To answer this question, we need to take a look at the current state of marketing to children. According to the Federal Trade Commission, “Companies continue to use a wide variety of techniques to reach young people, and marketing campaigns are heavily integrated, combining traditional media, Internet, digital marketing, packaging, and often using cross-promotions with popular movies or TV characters across all of these. Those techniques...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Soda Brands Struggling

Americans are paying closer attention to what they put into their bodies and increasingly opting for healthier options, much to the dismay of soda marketers. According to a Beverage Digest report, U.S. soda sales have been continuously dropping since 2004. Given this change in appetite for sugar, if soda brands want to survive, they will have to find a way to resonate with consumers and show them how soda can fit into their healthy lifestyles.  Something healthy food marketing has already been doing. Backlash against soda marketing has added fuel to the anti-soda fire. Campaigns like CSPI’s spoof of...

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Frozen Foods Buck Sales Slumps with Healthy Food Marketing

In contrast to the declines of years past, frozen food producers in the US are beginning to recoup sales losses after decades of TV dinner perceptions. Once relying on the benefit of convenience only, frozen food brands may have fallen behind the eight ball when it came to providing consumers with healthy and fresh options (think chicken-fried steak with gravy) but the dinner tables are turning and so is health food marketing. While we all know that just building it, doesn’t necessarily mean they will come, brands have begun to tap into more recent consumer usage and needs when...

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How The Government Is Marketing Healthy Food

If you’re looking to the government for healthy eating recommendations, I suggest you take it with a grain of salt. Their recommendations have changed numerous times over the years. What is considered healthy today may be taboo tomorrow. Forward-thinking food marketers may be better off going with their gut, rather than following the government’s guidance.  Marketing healthy food has become intuition and not government enforced. The definition of healthy eating is anything but black and white. The USDA has changed its definition of a well-balanced diet, and it’s marketing strategy several times over the last 70 years. In 1943...

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The Language Of Healthy Food Marketing

A consumer walks into a grocery store today and they’re bombarded with healthy label claims like…fresh, local, gluten-free, antioxidants, and all natural. Healthy buzzwords are firmly implanted into the lexicon of food marketing. Now, more than ever, it’s important for health food brands and healthy food marketing to choose their words carefully. Because consumers are confused and frustrated. The Daily News states that many food brands throw around buzzwords seemingly at will to try and differentiate their brand and resonate with consumers. Because of this, definitions have been grayed and misconceptions have been made. You can’t blame a brand...

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Marketing Healthy Food: Millennials Will Put Money Where their Mouth is

29% of Millenials say they are “very willing” to pay a premium price for foods they consider healthier, and their trends in spending support this figure. That percentage is higher than any other generation and something that brands should pay attention to when marketing healthy food. So, marketers in the food and beverage industry have an interesting opportunity to provide healthier options at a higher price and gain Millennial support. Besides being important in sheer numbers, Millennials tend to take action. Which is why they have become the focus of countless marketing campaigns. They’re a generation of “do-ers” –...

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Marketing Healthy Food: Don’t forget taste!

If you’re a marketer trying to talk “healthy”, remember that people have deep-seated beliefs and perceptions around eating and what it takes to eat and ‘be healthy’. It could take years of therapy (and your budget) to change it. So work with your consumer and meet them where they’re at. And please, don’t forget taste appeal! Consumers read into health messaging more deeply and emotionally than marketers do. It’s not clean cut. There’s a tug of war in their subconscious. Years of the diet industry have wreaked havoc on the average American. People don’t know what’s “good” or “bad”...

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Marketing “Healthy” Food– It’s Not One Size Fits All

You can ask 20 people on the street what “healthy” means and you are likely to get 20 different answers. Especially when it comes to food. Between fad diets, changing food pyramids and the new “conscious lifestyle”, it’s enough to make your head spin—especially marketers embarking on uncharted territory. So what’s a marketer to do when they set out to put a healthy spin on their brand? Start with their target. For many, “ Healthy” may have an elusive and ever changing definition in the marketplace but the intentions behind it are often best communicated when they suggest ‘choosing...

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