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Pet Food Marketers: Simplify the Overwhelming Process of Choosing A Healthy Food Brand For Parents

Being conscious of what we feed our children doesn’t stop with our biological kids. Many pet parents struggle to choose the healthiest food for their new pets. Fear of choosing the wrong food is real, and unlike choosing for our kids, choosing for our pets isn’t as clear-cut. Pet parents look to recommendations from vets and friends, and independent research to decide on brands. Marketers who understand how to guide, inform and reassure at the many different touch points can make early connections with consumers who are committed to providing pets with a happy and healthy life. The New...

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Are Casual Dining restaurants missing something when it comes to marketing to Health Conscious Millennials?

With today’s uber-focus on food transparency and higher quality ingredients, Millennials are gravitating toward unlikely destinations – Fast Food and Quick Service Restaurants like Chipotle and Baja Fresh.   One of the reasons may be simply seeing what they are getting with their own eyes. Having food prepared in front of them, where the fresh looking ingredients are right there to examine could be the reason why 71% of millennials prefer quick service restaurants to casual dining. One thing that has become abundantly clear is that we want to know (or at least see) exactly what is in our...

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Sparkling Water Is Far From Fizzing Out

The health-crazed nation may be spending less money on soda nowadays, but its still craving fizzy drinks.   Cue soda’s bubbly, healthier, replacement: sparkling water.   Between 2009 and 2014, the volume of carbonated bottled water sold in the U.S. has increased by 56.4 percent.   For consumers who are all about natural, minimally processed products, sparkling water appears to be the billion-dollar answer to our decade-long addiction to sugary soda. Sparkling water sales have spiked in the past few years. Between 2009 and 2014, the volume of carbonated bottled water sold in the U.S. has increased by 56.4...

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Re-modeling: The shift from skinny to fit and what it means for marketing healthy food

The way that consumers look at food is seeing a sweeping shift; we are now defining health based on fueling and strengthening the human body, not cheating it.   Going to the gym, eating well, and strengthening fitness has become the centerfold of today’s health campaigns. The affect it’s having on body image is not only fascinating, but it’s something marketers need to pay attention to (especially those marketing healthy food).   The message: super skinny doesn’t equal super healthy, and we’re seeing it everywhere – in food, fitness, and fashion.   Despite doubts and controversy, the fact that there...

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Marketing Healthy Food: Changing Brand Perceptions the Right Way

Health conscious consumers aren’t going anywhere, and there are more of them every day. So even brands that have historically been considered unhealthy are looking for ways to reach this fast-growing population in their marketing. Some of these brands have attempted transparency (like others marketing healthy food), knowing it’s something that health-conscious consumers value. McDonald’s first attempt was missing half of the equation. McDonald’s, a historically unhealthy brand, decided to capitalize on the huge movement toward transparency. They thought they could change their image by running the campaign, “Our Food, Your Questions”, to combat their negative, unhealthy perceptions. The...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Making Consumers See Why Seafood Is Worth The Extra Money And The Learning Curve.

Consumption of meat continues to go down. Protein based diets continue to pop up. And as health-consciousness continues to rise in the US, more people are eating at home than ever before. Sounds like the perfect time to be a seafood brand and in the healthy food marketing business. So how can they capitalize? Take Advantage of the move toward Protein Based Diets Part of the challenge for seafood brands is that healthy food consumers may not be clearly seeing seafood as an easy solution to their dieting challenges. Take Paleo for example. This is one of many protein...

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Healthy Food Marketing In The Frozen Aisle

The demand for simpler ingredients continues to gain momentum. And as more consumers search for what they perceive as fresher, more natural food, they do not often find themselves in the frozen food aisle.  A problem for some health food marketers. Partly because of its association with convenience, frozen foods do not get the health halo they often deserve. But there are a handful of smart brands out to change that. Lean Cuisine and Luvo seem to be in a race to connect with the valuable health-conscious consumer who still needs quick dinner solutions. Let’s start with the relative...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Can Yesterday’s Diets Survive In Today’s World?

Healthy food marketers want to know- Is there still a place in the world for mainstream diet brands such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, as consumers who used to call themselves dieters instead identify as health-conscious?   That’s a question these tried and true brands are asking. And here’s the question that I’m asking: Is a celebrity spokesperson still the best way to connect?   Marie Osmond for Nutrisystem, Kirstie Alley for Jenny Craig and now the spokeswoman of all spokeswomen-Oprah for Weight Watchers? Is it possible for the “Oprah Effect” to return Weight Watchers to its...

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Healthy Food Marketers Should Walk the Walk if They Talk the Talk

As more and more food brands become increasingly transparent about the sourcing and the nature of ingredients in their products, it becomes even more important that healthy food marketers take time to consider all of what they’re marketing if they wish to truly reach a wider—and more skeptical—audience than ever before. What does this mean for the healthy food brands out there? Don’t assume your consumer will trust you because you tell them you’re providing so called “healthier” options. It seems that every brand under the sun is clearing its name of things like unnatural ingredients, GMOs, gluten, etc....

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Marketing Healthy Quick Serve Food

No one can deny the power of Chipotle. They have taken the country by storm, making Mexican food surprisingly sleek, approachable, and healthy. They’re doing a lot right. So what can your brand and health food marketers learn from Chipotle? 1. Looks Matter Chipotle’s sleek look came from the brand’s interesting roots. Steve Ells, the founder and CEO of Chipotle desired to create an upscale restaurant and thought of Chipotle as his means of making quick money to fund his dream. Steve Ells said, “I deliberately made it simple to operate, because I didn’t want to spend much time...

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