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Healthy Food Marketing: An Unlikely Love Story, Millennial Parents and Club Stores

By now you know millennials are obsessed with locally sourced, hand crafted and artisanal brands. So it makes perfect sense that they love… Costco?! It’s surprising and true. Whether it’s Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s, the generation that’s redefining shopping and retail “are on the rise at clubs.” So why then, do millennial parents love “clubbing”? Even though millennials are willing to spend more on quality, priorities shift when they have kids. Reality sets in and their budget shrinks to adjust. According to Jeff Fromm, co-author of Millennials with Kids: “there are more than 15 million millennial families in...

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Healthy Food Marketing: The Irresistible Almond

Almonds. Feels like they are  everywhere and in everything. So it’s no surprise that they’re consumers’ favorite nuts to snack on, according to a survey conducted by the Almond Board of California. The almond industry has clearly tapped into some genius marketing insights. And for you, marketers, I dug into that success to uncover insights all brands could apply. You don’t have to go it alone. Blue Diamond can singlehandedly claim responsibility for the almond industry. And that’s because Blue Diamond is actually a “cooperative owned by half of the state’s almond growers who produce over 80 percent of...

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Healthy Food Marketing: What makes a brand truly irresistible?

Chop’t, Aleve, So Delicious, RiteAid, Happy Baby/Happy Tot, Larabars, Polar, Nutella, Baskin Robbins, Goldfish, Snapple. What do these brands have in common? High consumer knowledge and the highest I-Factor™ scores in their category. I love figuring out what makes a brand irresistible. It’s not just cool (which it is), it’s crucial. It’s information a brand absolutely needs to survive and grow in this crazy digital age. And it’s why we created I-Factor™. I-Factor™ is a revolutionary brand-building tool that digs into the three dimensions of the unique relationship consumers have with brands right now. We’ve done 60 proprietary studies...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Pet Health, Food Is Just The Beginning

I’m a foodie and my dog happens to be one too. His current favorite cheese is Parmigiano Reggiano (really). I choose his foods just like I do mine. I scrutinize labels and search the aisles looking for the very best ingredients. Every once in a while I indulge. And so does my dog. Pets have become almost as natural of an extension of their parent’s identity as children. If a pet parent is super curious about ingredients in their food, they are likely to be just as curious about ingredients in their pet’s food. And the awesome part? It’s...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Why Irresistibility is the new Brand Love

2017 has arrived. And consumers (especially the health-conscious) are changing fast.  This year, brands will have to connect more deeply to earn loyal consumers. They’ll have to be irresistible because Love is no longer enough. We all know love is fleeting, especially with Millennials. So brands have to become irresistible.  They have to break through, keep consumers engaged and motivate them to take action over and over again. But how? How can you protect your brand in this crazy climate where even the most loved brands are quickly becoming commodities? And how can a brand begin to think about...

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Healthy kids: The future of healthy food marketing

Childhood obesity is a national epidemic. And brands are finally starting to be held accountable for their role.   From my seat, I’m singing hallelujah. When my daughter was little, I was one of the more health conscious moms. That meant giving my daughter Earth’s Best: the ONE brand of healthy baby food that was available. Making sure she actually ate was my health priority. I really believed that chicken fingers and juice were a win.   Now, millennial moms have SO many healthy choices for their kids it’s almost overwhelming. And they have unlimited access to healthy food...

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Healthy Food Marketing: How Juice went from Hero to Villain.

There was a time not too long ago when we looked to brands like Tropicana and Ocean Spray to add nutritional value to breakfast.   Fast-forward to today where these brands have become villainized due to the high concentration of sugar.   It’s interesting to see how the perception of juice has shifted from really healthy to really unhealthy. So how did we get to this place? When concerned consumers and organizations attacked these brands exposing the high levels of fructose in our favorite juices, consumers began to wonder if they should be drinking so much of it. The...

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Marketing Healthy Food to Health Conscious Humans And Their Pets

The health food trends of human food brands are now being marketed to man’s best friends. Now more than ever before, pet owners have an overwhelming variety of healthier choices to feed their beloved pets. Gone are the days of fillers and mystery meats.  And gone are the days of marketing healthy food only to humans.   According to Nielsen Reports, today’s dog foods are becoming humanized. Dog food Brand Managers and Marketers should absolutely be taking a serious look at human food trends, because pets are officially members of the family.   Here are some of the top...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Small Batch vs. Science Driven Food

Not all that long ago science and standardized production gave consumers reassurance that they were getting the kind of quality controls and taste that they had come to expect from their favorite foods. We didn’t want surprises. We wanted consistency.   So why are consumers being drawn so quickly away from the legacy brands they used to love and trust, in favor of smaller brands that they may not know as much about?   Brands with ingredients we can’t pronounce in big factories we have no access to are becoming persona non grata.   Science has come to equal...

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Food Really Is Medicine – Marketing Healthy Food to Consumers Who Want to Get Healthier

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates – 400B.C.   This man was clearly ahead of his time. Two thousand four hundred and sixteen years later, and consumers are finally catching on.   Marketers who are paying attention already know that consumers are willing to pay more for foods promoting wellness. What we’re starting to understand is that they will pay even more if they believe foods have the power to heal and prevent disease. A poll from the 2015 Consumer Analyst Group of NY conference reported that 88% of the participants were willing to...

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