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Amazon has Rocked the Healthy Food Marketing World by Acquiring Whole Foods Market

As a Whole Foods Lover, I am actually a little surprised that Amazon only paid $13.7 billion dollars, I feel like I’ve spent that much there! But I couldn’t be happier. I feel like this is exactly the right thing for Whole Foods. And it is clearly a big deal. This acquisition has made the news every day since it was announced. Rocking both the retail and grocery world. Stocks prices at stores like Target, Walmart and Costco fell sharply, as did Kroegers. Mark Hamrick, a Senior Economic Analyst at, is calling this “an earthquake rattling through the...

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Why is coffee so Irresistible? What Healthy Food Marketers need to know.

Most people who know me know I love my coffee.  I think about it the moment I wake up and soon as I put my cup in the sink, the countdown begins to my 3 o’clock cup. As more and more research pops up about its health benefits, I feel even better about my love affair with coffee. Seeing where the coffee market is headed is pretty remarkable. And I’m telling you, marketers, you need to tune in here. Because the percent of Americans drinking coffee, especially gourmet coffee, is on the rise. There is so much that other...

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What Made Whitewave so Irresistible to Danone?

You probably already know that Danone just acquired Whitewave, the plant-based, non-dairy enterprise. Our office was abuzz over this news, because we had just literally finished our benchmark studies of Whitewave’s Silk and So Delicious. Danone strikes consumer gold Why would a dairy giant be interested in acquiring a non-dairy giant? Because they’re in tune with what consumers want. The non-dairy category was created for people with intolerances. But now these products have become SO mainstream that most of its consumers are choosing plant-based and dairy-free because they believe it’s a healthier option. Sales of “free-from” products like non-dairy...

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Health Food Marketing: Tea is HOT Right Now

It’s no secret that coffee is my first love. But  right now I have a big crush on tea. And seeing the tea market explode is pretty exciting. Tea is on the rise with 15% growth in the last ten years. Marketers, here’s what you need to know about this hot, hot trend. Why is tea so irresistible right now? Everything about tea aligns with the priorities of today’s consumers, especially millennials. And millennials love of tea is not new. The statistic is amazing: 87% of millennials choose tea. Why? Gone are the days of sugary drinks being number...

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Nutella vs. Peanut Butter: Will Nutella’s lead last?

Today’s consumers are getting more and more health conscious. So it makes perfect sense that their favorite spread is… Nutella?! Yes it’s true. And peanut butter brands are waging war. Read on marketers. Because this is a juicy tale of a brand that has withstood the test of federal legal scrutiny and even a public health scare (PSA: no, Nutella does not give you cancer). An I-Factor™ study revealed data that will surprise and inform. Will the love affair last? Regardless, we’ve uncovered some deep consumer insights into Nutella’s rise to Irresistibility. What’s trending? Consumers love a good contradiction....

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Healthy Food Marketing: Walmart’s Quest to Stay Relevant

I like many others, am watching Walmart closely right now. It’s not surprising to see how relentless this legacy giant is about staying relevant. Until Amazon came along, Walmart seemed untouchable. So much so, that brands approached them with reverence and even fear. While there is still a lot of that, Walmart has no choice but to look at Amazon with the same reverence. So Walmart’s watching every move as they try to play catch up to the number one U.S. retailer. Now Amazon is paying attention. As an Amazon devotee, it’s hard for me to imagine Walmart catching...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Reviving Legacy Brands

Can you feel it? Consumers are pulling away from legacy brands. They’re following the lure of newer, sexier brands. The ones that seem to really “get” them,  and make them feel seen and heard. In this crazy, fast-changing environment, the love consumers have for legacy brands just isn’t not enough. Because in I-Factor™ study after study, one thing keeps coming through: This relationship may just be a result of longstanding habit, not a conscious purchasing decision. Although it’s a very common mistake,we marketers can’t assume consumers will love our brand just because they always have.  It’s time to create...

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Healthy Food Marketing: The Battle of The Yogurt Brands

Yogurt is creamy, irresistible, and totally ruthless. That’s right, the yogurt aisle has become a battlefield. Who would have thought little cup of dairy, could be so powerful? Marketers pay attention. There is a smack down going on between Chobani…and well everyone else. First doesn’t mean best This now commoditized category started before Greek was even a thing. Dannon, a 75 year old brand built the category. It was the first branded perishable dairy item to be sold coast to coast in the United States. Dannon introduced the Greek yogurt brand Oikos in 2010 but before that, there was...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Is The Health Food Store King Being Dethroned and can other marketers learn from it?

As a Whole Foods Devotee, it pains me to write this, but it’s a good marketing lesson. So what happens when the brand you’ve been aspiring to be for years starts to slip? ALDI, Wal-Mart, Albertson’s and Target have been taking cues from the success of Whole Foods Market for years. And now, they are actually starting to hurt the category creator. Despite its strong cult following and innovative practices, Whole Foods stores are closing and sales are down. The Washington Post reported this is the worst it’s been for the company in a decade, “its sixth quarter of...

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Healthy Food Marketing: The Irresistible Chickpea

  When I was a kid, I thought chickpeas were “old lady food.” My grandmother always put them on her salads at the salad bar. How things have changed. Hummus has become a staple in my diet and my fridge. And it’s not just me, America loves hummus. This didn’t happen on its own. Chickpea marketers brought this tiny bean to the United States and catapulted it into an ever-expanding industry. Marketers, here’s what you need to know to apply THIS success to your brand. Make magic by launching a movement Many brands tried to bring hummus to America,...

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