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Healthy Food Marketing: Personalization Is Key

  What all consumers, but especially the valuable health-conscious ones want most these days is personalization. They want to feel like marketers understand them, and more importantly listen to and appreciate them. But attaining this aspect of personalization is growing more and more difficult for healthy food marketing as the health food category grows. So, how do you make a product feel personal, while still appealing to the masses? There are some companies that are doing an incredible job, and are really leading by example in showing us where brands are headed. Two MIT grads, Richard Yau and Joe...

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Marketing healthy foods in today’s fragmented world

If you are a marketer, you know the days of messaging to a homogeneous target and broad/umbrella are gone. In order to break through and make a real connection today, all brands must understand this super-fragmented communication landscape. They need to leverage their available platforms to meet consumers right where they are and pinpoint the right message for that particular medium. That is no easy task, even when marketing healthy food.   We now live in a world where consumers are becoming increasingly complex; gender lines are blurred, stereotypical roles have been turned on their heads…and yet the expectation...

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Healthy Marketing Brands Are Taking on Collective Wellness

Collective Wellness could be one of the answers. How could anyone argue that Collective wellness, or wellness by community is an incredible perk for health minded employees of a company. But what collective wellness says about a company could be an incredible boost for the brand itself and healthy food marketers are taking note. Today brands have to be about more than what they sell and how much profit they make. What they are about has tremendous influence on consumer loyalty. Consumers (especially those focused on health) gravitate towards brands that stand for a healthy lifestyle and believe in...

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Are You In It to Pin It When It Comes to Healthy Food Marketing?

Image Source: Healthy food brands have become a force on the pinning platform. Pinterest isn’t just a place to pin our dream wardrobes and to live out DIY fantasies. This platform is also a food and recipe haven. A pin that features Cinnamon Roll Pancakes has over 16,000 shares.  Something that healthy food marketers should take advantage of. Here are five healthy foods brands that are successful on Pinterest: Whole Foods Market: Right now a big player like Whole Foods Market is appealing to the masses of pinners anticipating the taste of fall. From fall cocktail recipes to...

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The Modern Foodie is Changing the Game for Marketing Healthy Food

In the modern age, the landscape for the foodie has evolved. Gone are the days when the term “foodie” was delegated only to those who posted fancy photos of food at gourmet restaurants. Modern foodies are influencing conversations all over the blogosphere and online world, and they are cooking and experimenting way more than you might think.  Time for those marketing healthy food to listen up. One thing that hasn’t changed? Foodies are in pursuit of great taste. Except now, they’re doing it closer to home…in their own kitchens. They want the control in their hands, so they’re making...

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Healthy Food Marketers Should Walk the Walk if They Talk the Talk

As more and more food brands become increasingly transparent about the sourcing and the nature of ingredients in their products, it becomes even more important that healthy food marketers take time to consider all of what they’re marketing if they wish to truly reach a wider—and more skeptical—audience than ever before. What does this mean for the healthy food brands out there? Don’t assume your consumer will trust you because you tell them you’re providing so called “healthier” options. It seems that every brand under the sun is clearing its name of things like unnatural ingredients, GMOs, gluten, etc....

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How Healthy Food Marketing Can Actually Help Us Be Healthy

If you’re a health food brand seeking success in the market place today, you absolutely must use health food marketing as a means of helping American consumers become healthy in straightforward ways that they can both understand and trust. While tons of scientific research has helped scientists uncover why our nation’s health is declining, there is one reason above all that can be blamed for our country’s growing sickness; our confusion about nutrition, emanating particularly from the way in which nutrition is talked about in the United States. Instead of talking about food in simple terms that relate to...

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The Migration of Nutrition Facts in Healthy Food Marketing

With the current healthy-eating mindsets that more and more consumers have adopted the nutrition facts will become more important in marketing products. While brand loyalty, intriguing designs, and famous names may still dictate the power-players in the food industry, nutrition is becoming more prevalent in a consumers’ purchase decision. If a product doesn’t fulfill the healthy expectations of today’s consumers, that brand risks rejection in favor of smaller, clearly healthier brands.  Health food marketing is changing. How did we get here? The year is 1990 and The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act is put into effect, giving the FDA...

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Marketing Healthy Food To Millennial Parents

Those marketing healthy food should know that not all Millennials are created equal. The upper range of Millennials (25-34) are now becoming parents. In fact, nearly 11 million Millennials have already mastered the art of changing diapers. The parents of this generation are unlike any other, and food brands must adapt to reach them. Here are 4 things food brands should keep in mind when speaking to Millennial parents 1. Speak The Truth Make sure your product delivers what it claims. If you say you’re 100% organic, you must be able to back it up. With a wealth of...

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Festivals, Millennials and Healthy Food Marketing

From Coachella to the Warped Tour, the millennial generation is crazy for festivals. In fact, a recent study by Eventbrite, a global marketplace for live experiences, found that 1 in 5 American millennials attended a music festival in the past twelve months. Thanks to strong attendance numbers and the wide range of demographics represented, brands and healthy food marketing are looking to find their place in the latest events to draw in this increasingly influential generation. Here are just a few ways to succeed when involving your brand at a festival: 1. Show an unexpected side of the brand...

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