Author: Kristi Bridges

Healthy Food Marketing and the Future of the Clean Label

Consumer perception of “Natural” labeling on packaged and processed foods range from ‘no artificial materials during processing’ to no ‘artificial ingredients’, to ‘no pesticides’ and ‘no GMOs’. Knowing that there is less regulation around “Natural” than say, “Organic”, brands have been known to resort to ‘natural washing’ to find their place in the healthy consumers’ consideration set. However, today’s consumers expect more from food brands and their labeling practices when it comes to feeding themselves and their families. In fact, 66% of consumers believe that natural means no artificial ingredients, while 86% feel that natural should mean no artificial...

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Follow the Food Marketing Leaders When It Comes to Healthy

If you’re a healthy food brand struggling to market yourself, take a cue from the brands that have been doing it with success. An excellent place to start doing that is here, the nominees of Food News Media’s inaugural HALO awards, which seek to recognize restaurant chains for making “genuinely positive contributions, through both menu and messaging, to a Healthy, Active Lifestyle for consumers.” “But these are just fast food chains,” you say. “What can a fast food brand teach me about marketing in an industry where health and wellness is top of mind? Why should I care what...

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Healthy Food Marketing and Wearable Tech Innovation

From the Apple Watch to Samsung Gear’s S. From the Fitbit Flex to the Jawbone UP. Wearables are the hot topic in the tech world – there’s even the Whistle, a smart activity-tracking dog collar. Lucky for the healthy food marketer or those looking to push into the trending health(ier) food and beverage businesses, many of the latest wearables were developed with health in mind and with the ability to track heart rate, sleep patterns and activity levels. Accordingly, athletic brands like Under Armour also have claimed their stake in market with their own first-party apps or through the...

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Healthy Food Marketing Starts With Honesty

The most successful health food brands today are the ones that pride themselves on having an open dialogue with the consumers that choose their products. The takeaway? If you want to market health food successfully, you must be as transparent as possible. There is no denying the fact that consumers today, especially Millennials, demand to know where their food comes from, how it’s treated, who handled it, etc. For the brands out there that have chosen to ignore this trend in health (and in our national psychology), it’s time to either get with the program or get into a...

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Is the Alkaline Diet here to stay in Healthy Food Marketing?

From Atkin’s to the Zone Diet, diets come and go both in media and consumers’ minds, but as we’re all aware, not all diets are created equal. Some gain traction and go from diet of the day to movement, and as brands, it’s critical that we realize the importance of being a part of that movement when appropriate. So let’s talk alkalinity. For starters, the body’s levels of acidity and alkalinity fluctuate from acidic in the stomach to alkaline in the blood. Proponents of the Alkaline diet believe that through the consumption of many fruits, vegetables, legumes and lots...

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A New Frontier – Healthy Food Marketing for Vending Machines

It’s a familiar scene. Late for her next meeting after skipping lunch, a working mom finds herself staring at the vending machine. Candy, chips and trail mixes with enough sugar to put her into a coma. Are these really the best choices? The answer is often yes, but it doesn’t have to be. According to a survey on snacking by the consumer-centric research experts at the Hartman Group, more than half of respondents stated healthy snack food and beverage options are important to them. And now, there are some new trends and players in the vending machine market who...

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Marketing “Healthy” Food– It’s Not One Size Fits All

You can ask 20 people on the street what “healthy” means and you are likely to get 20 different answers. Especially when it comes to food. Between fad diets, changing food pyramids and the new “conscious lifestyle”, it’s enough to make your head spin—especially marketers embarking on uncharted territory. So what’s a marketer to do when they set out to put a healthy spin on their brand? Start with their target. For many, “ Healthy” may have an elusive and ever changing definition in the marketplace but the intentions behind it are often best communicated when they suggest ‘choosing...

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Marketing Healthy Food; a Response to Health Food Elitism

The elitism surrounding the health food movement is a barrier to health food marketers and will be until it becomes reasonable for a busy family to be able to afford—and choose to pay for—higher quality food. The food writer Michael Pollan’s response to the question of health food elitism is a must-read. In it, he dissects a 2004 article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in which the difference in quality of calories your money can buy is incredibly vast. Take for instance the fact that “one dollar spent in the processed food section of the supermarket —...

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Marketing Healthy Food is About More than the Food

When you market healthy food to families, you’re selling more than just the biological benefits of eating well; you’re selling independence, a connection with cultural traditions, and stronger family ties. Let’s consider family A, who decides it would just be easier to pick up the phone and order out on any given Tuesday night. Easy. Family B plans and cooks a meal from scratch, making a conscious decision to share the experience, leave the TV off, and to enjoy each other’s company. Suddenly the processes of chopping, steaming, and sautéing mean so much more. Chances are the process of...

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