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Personalization, Customization and Health. There’s no end in sight.

How great would you feel about serving these foods to your family? High quality proteins and vegetables prepared by real people, cooked at low temperatures in small batches to preserve the high quality vitamins and minerals. Or even better, fill out a survey that includes your age, weight, and allergies and get a food plan designed just for you, delivered weekly on ice packs, portioned into trays for your exact serving size needs. Both of these meal plans are for pets, not humans. The first is Ollie and the second is Farmer’s Dog. These new pet food brands are...

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Are Better For You Brands Destined to Suffer the Same Fate As the Mass Brands they are Replacing?

The desire for “healthier” isn’t going away. That’s good news and bad news for snack bars, dairy alternatives and so many brands trying to stay connected to the elusive health conscious consumers always on the hunt for the better “better-for-you” options. Let’s compare the snack/nutrition bars and cereal categories as an example. Consumers will always need to eat when they are running around and will forever look for brands at the intersection of healthy and convenient, which is why snack bars are replacing cereal. Cereal was the original “better” choice for breakfast, but over the last 8 years, their...

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Do You Have to be Extreme to Reach Millennials?

A Mean Green Machine one day and a Franken Cream the next. Millennials post both their indulgences and their healthy eating on their Instagram. But is that what they are really eating? According to a study done by Ypulse, 63% of young people ages 13 to 32 said that they post food pictures on social media. They post everything from avocado toast, to indulgences, like Unicorn Frappuccinos and Coney Waffle, but not much in between. Whether it is healthy or gluttonous, the Instagramming of extreme food is changing the way we eat. There is lots of food being specifically...

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Can your brand Tap into the 23 Million Health Conscious Consumers that LOVE Fitbit?

Why Marketers Should Pay Attention to Fitbit Lovers? When I’m in a meeting and my Fitbit buzzes to tell me to get up and move, I look around to see how many are also tapping their Fitbit to silence it. It’s so pervasive in our culture that just yesterday I was leaving lunch with a friend and he offered me a ride back, I said “No thanks, I need to get my steps”, he didn’t even think it was weird! While Fitbit has some skeptics, their ROI doesn’t lie. With $2.17 Billion in revenue last year, more than 23...

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The New Normal: Little Brands are beating Mass Brands

There is something happening in CPG as mass brands realize that the success of small brands is the new normal. It has become obvious that many of these little guys who seemed like a passing fad, are here to stay. And if they’re not, there are 10 more brands waiting to take their place. In the condiments, dressings and marinades category alone there are literally thousands of unique brands all fighting for the attention of their consumers. Smaller brands are now real forces that need to be acknowledged, dealt with, and maybe even imitated. These little guys are leading...

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Why “Death Images” Can Bring Brands Back to Life

The Meaning behind Death Images in Brand Research How amazing would it be if brands could peek into the subconscious minds of their consumers? Imagine if they could find out exactly how their consumers feel and what they associate with their brand? With this information, brands will be able to make insightful and data driven marketing decisions that could impact their business. What you find when you do an I-Factor™ study might shock you. A recent study on the QSR category first shocked, and then, delighted us. Instead of relating  some of the most popular QSR brands like Wendy’s,...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Breakfast = An Irresistible Marketing Opportunity

I have to admit that for me, most days, coffee is breakfast. But I’m in the minority. 93% of Americans think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In fact, breakfast consumption is going up each year. But only 44% actually eat it. That represents about 40 million opportunities to get your brand on the table. What do we need to know? Breakfast is on the Rise Culturally, as more families begin to see breakfast as quality time, incredible opportunities are being created for brands to make a connection early and often. That also means “involved...

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Healthy Food Marketing: Why Chobani Created a Food Startup Incubator

What are the benefits of creating an Incubator? So why would a successful yogurt brand like Chobani create an incubator for small brands instead of just acquiring? There are several reasons, but for Chobani, it seems to start with their mission. Chobani believes that “Every food maker has a responsibility to provide people with better options. And that’s just what they are attempting to do by using their power to lift up other health conscious brands. Chobani’s famous CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, wants to pass on their incredible knowledge about effective brand building to young food companies with similar values. They...

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Influencer Marketing. What’s it really all about?

Influencer Marketing continues to grow and become a critical part of any marketing program. Especially for brands marketing to the health conscious! So, I thought it would be interesting to share an interview we had with an inspiring Influencer. It may give you a peek into how Influencers get started and how they interact with brands today. After reading about Sarah Billstein of Rosé Season, it may even make you want to become one! Sarah’s story is part luck, part timing and part hustle. She started the summer of the famous Pink Wine Panic of 2014. And in just...

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